Collection: Strength sports

Strength training has become increasingly popular over the years and for good reason of course! You see more and more on social media or you keep hearing about more colleagues or friends who all do strength training. Thanks to all its benefits, strength training has become extremely popular! Would you like to know more about what strength training exactly entails and what the benefits are? Or are you already doing strength training and would you like that little bit of extra motivation by thinking about the benefits? Then read on! Below we would like to tell you more about the many benefits of strength training!

What is strength training?

Before we look at the many benefits of strength training, it is useful to know what strength training exactly is. Strength training is actually very simple to explain. Although most sports focus on getting you better at that specific sport, such as football, swimming or dancing for example, strength training is really about improving your strength. The exercises you perform cause tears to develop in your muscles, which then repair and become stronger. Many goals in strength training are expressed in kilos. Consider, for example, the personal record with the bench press. However, there are also forms of strength training without weights, where you train only with your body weight. For example, you have the 'regular' gym members and bodybuilders who use weights, the Crossfitters who mainly perform functional exercises (often with weight) and finally also calisthenics. This last form of strength training mainly uses body weight. There are many different forms of strength training, so you can always find something that suits you!

The many benefits of strength training!

Now you know what strength training exactly entails and what different types of strength training there are. But why should you start strength training yourself? You do this because there are so many benefits to it! Below we have listed just a few of the many benefits of strength training for you! read more