Collection: Wireless TT Blender

With the TT-Blend you can make fresh and healthy smoothies and protein-rich shakes anywhere on the spot. The TT-Blend is easy to use, making it easy to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Also ideal for any fruit and vegetable diet.

No more trouble with empty batteries or looking for a socket. You only need to charge the TT-Blend occasionally with the supplied USB cable. Thanks to the long-lasting battery, the TT-Blend can blend up to 12 times on a single charge.

The portable TT-Blend is the size of a drinking bottle, with a mixer incorporated in it. With 6 ultra sharp stainless steel blades, this is the most powerful portable blender.

The compact size of the blender makes it easy to carry.

The TT-Blend is made of very strong, durable plastic and silicone and remains in place due to the anti-slip on the bottom.

To clean:
Fill the blender with water and a little soap. Press the button and the blender cleans itself easily and quickly.