Cardio in addition to strength training - good idea or not?

Cardio in combination with strength training: does this have a contradictory effect? Or do they complement each other very well? There are all kinds of benefits to both cardio and strength training, but do they go well together? Many people think not and that this only wastes energy that could be better used in your strength training. However, your cardiovascular health, which you train with cardio, is also important. So, what is the best thing to do? Below we would like to tell you more about cardio as a supplement to strength training!

What is the difference between cardio and strength training?

For those who don't know, it might be smart to clarify the difference between cardio and strength training. Cardio is actually very good for your overall health, but focuses specifically on improving your endurance and fitness. Many people use this if they want to get fitter or if they want to lose weight, since cardio is of course perfect for burning calories.

People who want to build more muscle strength and muscle mass tend to rely more on strength training. This is the way to grow fat muscles and become stronger. Unfortunately, many people who want to lose weight avoid strength training and opt for cardio instead. However, did you know that you can also lose weight through strength training? Strength training, on the other hand, remains something very different from cardio.

The benefits of cardio in addition to strength training

If you decide to finally start doing cardio in addition to your strength training, there are a number of benefits. We have listed the most important benefits of cardio in addition to strength training below.

Being able to eat well

First of all, cardio in combination with strength training could ensure that you can eat well. What do we mean by this? Your body needs nutrients and good food is extremely important, especially during strength training. However, if you want to lose weight through strength training, you will have to be in a calorie deficit and therefore have to burn more calories than you consume. To do this, you can of course lower your calorie goal for the day, but you could also exercise more. This means that cardio in addition to your strength training ensures that you can still eat reasonably well without having to set your calorie goal too low.

Cardio can be fun

Not everyone will agree with this, but cardio can also be a lot of fun! Maybe it doesn't sound like a dream to everyone to think about walking on the treadmill for an hour, but what about swimming? Or cycling? Or try jumping rope! There are many different forms of cardio, so you are not limited to the treadmill or rowing machine at the gym.

Better fitness

Another advantage of cardio in addition to your strength training is that it gives you better fitness. During cardio you train the health of your heart and lungs. Better fitness means, for example, that you will be less likely to get out of breath from climbing stairs. This means cardio can be very useful in addition to your strength training. Especially if you exercise so much that you gain a lot of weight due to muscle mass or possibly also bulking. Cardio can ensure that you still maintain some level of fitness.

Good as a warm up or cool down

Finally, it is extremely important that you warm up your muscles properly before you start exercising. This can be done, for example, by stretching, but cardio could also help with this. For example, you could go on the treadmill to warm up during leg day. It is also important to slowly relax the body again when you have finished your training. Here too, cardio is an excellent solution for your body!

Cardio before or after strength training?

Cardio is therefore an excellent addition to your strength training! But should you do cardio before or after strength training? As mentioned, cardio can be very nice as a warm-up. However, it is important that you do this slowly and not for too long. 5 to 10 minutes is usually fine. You don't want to spend too much energy on cardio before you have started your strength training. That's why we suggest postponing your real cardio session until after your strength training, so that you still have enough energy left during exercise to lift as much weight as possible!

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