Everything you need to know about Weight gainer!

Although many people may think of losing weight when they think of the gym, this is not the goal for everyone. Everyone has different goals in the gym and different body types. There are also many people who would like to recover a bit. However, this is not easy for every body type and especially if you want to bulk up, this is more difficult than expected. That is why Weight gainer shakes can come in very handy here! Are you still relatively new to the world of sports and nutritional supplements? No problem! Below we would like to tell you everything you need to know about Weight gainer!

What is Weight Gainer?

Would you like to gain weight and are you planning to take supplements for this? Then Weight Gainer can help you! But what exactly is Weight Gainer? Weight gainer is a kind of powder with which you can make shakes, just like with whey protein . These shakes contain a lot of calories and proteins and are therefore perfect as a supplement when you are bulking!

The proteins in the Weight gainer will ensure that your muscles can grow better. The large amount of calories in the shake helps you to increase your calorie intake so that you can end up in a calorie surplus. This is when you consume more calories in a day than your body needs/burns. A calorie surplus is therefore extremely important if you want to gain weight. In addition, Weight gainer shakes often contain extra vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and sometimes fats.

What is Weight gainer good for?

Why should you actually take Weight Gainer? What is Weight gainer good for? As mentioned, with a mass gainer you get a lot of calories and proteins in one go. A big advantage of this is that you don't have to eat that much to gain weight. In any case, weight gainer is very good for people who want to gain weight. Consider, for example, someone who has always been very thin and would now like to gain a little more mass. If this person has a fast metabolism, it is very difficult to gain weight and he/she also has to eat a lot to achieve this goal. However, with a Weight gainer shake it is a lot easier! This way, this person can easily consume a lot of calories and gain weight much better.

In addition, weight gainers are good for people who want to bulk up to build more muscle mass. The food we eat is of course all energy for the gym. Because you consume so many calories and build mass while bulking, you can also lift heavier in the gym. Since people try to consume a lot of calories while bulking, a weight gainer can make this task a lot easier. This way they don't have to eat large amounts as often and they still get their calorie intake for the day.

The benefits of Weight gainer

Now that you know what Weight Gainer exactly means and for whom this shake is useful, you might also want to know the benefits of Weight Gainer. Below we have listed 4 benefits for you!

Faster weight gain

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of Weight gainer shakes is of course that it contributes to faster weight gain. While bulking, it can be very difficult to keep yourself full with food in order to reach your calorie goal for the day. However, a calorie surplus is necessary to gain muscle mass.

That's why it's so nice to make Weight gainer shakes to supplement your diet. This makes it much easier to maintain bulking and you can gain muscle mass in a short time!


Weight gainer may seem quite pricey at first glance, but did you know that it often works out cheaper? Groceries are becoming increasingly expensive and healthy food is usually not cheap. It can therefore be quite difficult to reach your calorie goal with food in a responsible way without spending too much money. This makes Weight gainer shakes a good addition to your diet!

In addition, a Weight gainer contains many important nutrients that will help you further build your muscles. For example, they also contain a lot of proteins, so you don't necessarily have to buy separate protein powder. Weight gainers also contain amino acids , which help with the recovery of your muscles, and creatine . Because you no longer have to buy everything separately, mass gainers are often cheaper.

Complex carbohydrates

Another advantage of the Weight gainer is that you consume complex carbohydrates. Maybe you have heard of the glycemic index value? Simple and fast carbohydrates have a high glycemic load, which causes your blood sugar level to rise quickly for a short period of time. This may initially give you energy, but ultimately leads to high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol.

That is why complex carbohydrates are much better for you. These have a low glycemic value. You will find more than enough complex carbohydrates in Weight Gainers, so they can help you gain weight without getting a high insulin peak after taking it!

More calories -> more energy

Finally, you will have more energy when you bulk with Weight gainer shakes. Thanks to the extra calories that you easily consume, your body also has the strength and energy to continue exercising for longer.

Fortunately, you can easily complete your full workout after a long working day without being too tired. Thanks to its many calories and nutrients, the Weight Gainer ensures that you can function optimally that day!

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Would you also like to build more muscle mass? Or do you just want to gain more weight? Then try the Weight gainer from GT Nutrition! Our Weight gainer has a delicious vanilla flavor and all the nutrients you need while bulking! With one scoop in your shake you quickly consume no less than 219 calories, as well as almost 10 grams of proteins and 43 grams of carbohydrates. This is the perfect mass gainer if you want to tackle bulking properly!

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